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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gun alarm at Berlin school

Female student carried a loaded gun, threatened her English teacher

Berlin - All of a sudden everybody was scared. Scared of pictures of violence, that usually can be seen on TV. School shootings that leave people severely wounded or even dead. This almost happened in Moabit. 18-year-old Günel M. (the name has been changed) appeared in school with a loaded 9mm handgun with two loaded magazines. She threatened her English teacher to kill her.

At 9:30 am , three students at Hedwig-Dohm-Realschule (high school) stormed into principle Josef Widerski’s office and said: “ A 10th- grade girl is brandishing a gun”.

Widerski immediately called for help, and took his 410 students to the cafeteria. Several patrol cars arrived at the scene as Günel M. attempted to flee. As she later showed police officers, she had dropped the gun off in a hedge close to the school. She is scheduled to appear in court today.

Who is the suspect? Günel M. is of Lebanese decent, has seven siblings, and has attended the school for three years. Almost no friends, she wears Militia clothing, loves Turkish music and brutal comics. Whenever she didn’t want to go to school, she simply stayed at home. The young woman also failed a year.

Principle Josef Widerski:“ The girl is not an A- grade student, but did not behave awkwardly.”

Her sister Gada (23) does not believe that Günel really wanted to kill somebody: “She stole the gun from her friend. She was scared her friend could get in trouble...”

This is not the first time that Hedwig-Dohm-Realschule gained media attention.
Hassan (15) had kicked his 15-year-old girlfriend Alexandra in the stomach to kill his unborn child.
He was sentenced to 3 ½ years in prison. His friend Omar (14) was sentenced to 36 months. He held Alexandra on the ground.

If you want to know more about the last case, you can find information at Gates of Vienna. Hassan El-Ch. kicked his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach due to pressure from his family since his girlfriend was not muslim.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Horrible murder in Hamburg: 40-year-old beheads his wife

Head dropped off at gas station - daughters were present during the murder – the murderer attempted to flee after his arrest - Investigators: No visible reason for murder

Hamburg - In Hamburg, a
40-year-old man beheaded his wife (39) . Afterwards, he ran, his wife’s head in his hand, to a nearby gas station and turned himself in to police. At the time of the brutal murder, both daughters (6 and 13) were in the apartment of the married couple.

Drops of blood led from a gas station in Hamburg’s district Harburg to an apartment complex 100 metres away. The drops of blood ended in front of an apartment on the 2nd floor. This is where the crime took place Sunday night. Fatma S. was killed by multiple stabs, prior to her head being cut off by her husband with a kitchen knife. Then, the man took the head and walked to the nearby gas station. “The employee had just been outside at the gas pumps”, says a police officer.” He knew Atilla. At first, he did not notice what the man was carrying. “As soon as he realized the situation, he ran to the office and called the police. Atilla dropped the head off in the snow and waited for the police to arrest him.

In his apartment, police officers not only discovered the woman’s torso. In the children’s room, they found both daughters of the couple. “We do not know what the girls might have noticed”, says a female police officer. The girls, unharmed, were found in their beds.

Investigators now try to figure out the motive for this unbelievable homicide. The situation escalated without any reason, according to homicide detectives. Atilla S., who had been living in this apartment for 10 years together with his wife, has not been registered for any criminal offense.
Police operations due to domestic violence between Atilla S. and his wife have not been reported either. Relatives claim that Atilla S. was a drug addict. He tried to get rid of his addiction by taking medication. At the same time, he lost his job as a welder in the Hamburg docks. Atilla S. had also been treated for Schizophrenia.

“We were not very close to him and his family”, says a relative. “ He is very conservative and attended the mosque on a regular basis. The rest of the family has a very Western lifestyle.”
This created a gap between husband and wife. On Sunday, Attila surprisingly met with his brother and spend almost the whole day with him. He seemed confused at first, but later showed normal behaviour. According to his brother, there had not been any evidence of a critical situation.

Atilla S. was arrested and taken to a police precinct. He later tried to escape. He injured three police officers during a scuffle.

Video (in German only): click here

Two days later, a newspaper article reported that Attila S. had been put in psychiatric ward.
This case was not mentioned again in the media. If the murderer had been German, there would have most likely been a series of reports on TV as well as interviews with neighbors. In this case, there was only a dead silence.